MarniRae Photography | About
As a child of hippies, I was raised from a young age to be a lover of nature, animals and people. Growing up in the mountains of Santa Cruz, CA we were constantly surrounded by adventure and beauty. The best was a morning after the rain, the wood and soil damp, the plants deep dark green, and the banana slugs would venture out with their shocking yellow skins, waiting to be found.
We lived on a school bus for a year when I was a baby and in a teepee for a summer when I was 4. We washed our hands in streams using a "Soap bush" to clean them. We eventually moved to the city, but I continued to delight in nature and animals around me, I just had to look a little harder.
As a military spouse now, and a modern hippie chick, I have lived all over and traveled the world. I still love all nature, animals and cultures and am able to capture and share these images and experiences with others, surrounded by my loving family.. I hope you are inspired by and enjoy them as much as I do.