Haven't looked in a long time....always new to the eye. xoxox
Very nice have an eye for the perfect picture. Loved them all and you. xoxox
AH- MAZING!!! You are awesome!! ....your name is beautiful too!!
Pam Smith(non-registered)
Wow Marni!! These photos are breathtaking and when I stare at them I feel like I'm transported into each magical moment. Love looking at your amazing talent, can't wait to revisit and see more!!
Corrie Samaniego(non-registered)
Congrats! Looks great!
Margarita Vargas(non-registered)
Beautiful shots girl! Love'em all!!
Very nice work Marni!
Wow - really beautiful choices! You need an option to buy the "book"!! How far were you from the BEAR?? :) Love love love this.
Rebecca Hendel-Simmons(non-registered)
great photos- nice website- wish I was in the market to buy some of these. Do I have your permission to paint some?
Beautiful, Marni. What an eye you have
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